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ocean city. 2-3 in. and more than that around the delaware beaches. most of our region has had less than a quarter inch of rain. we will hear more this afternoon or tomorrow and this weekend. >> thank you, john. now for an 11 news of date. the hartford county sheriff's office is mourning the death of one of its own. a deputy was killed in a car crash. the 14-year veteran was at the end of this shift when his car went off the road. according to video, it appears the car collided into a tree. because of the crash remains under investigation. maryland cultural officials are trying to get in front of the recent cases of west nile virus. labor and goods across central maryland will be sprayed. -- neighborhoods across in central maryland will be sprayed. -- across central maryland will be sprayed. officials are urging you to stay in -- inside if you live in that area. >> this reduces human exposure. >> for more information and a map of areas to be sprayed, it to our web site, coming up, clinton delivers a firing rallying call -- a fiery rallying call to democrats. hear about the sp
where it was raining this morning, like in areas like ocean city, beautiful weather, now pushing in. 67 the current temperature thurgood marshall. look at the dew point temperature. it has dropped down to 58 degrees. any time we get it below the 60 degree threshold it really starts to feel pretty nice out, very dry comfortable air moving in. this will be the case for the rest of your weekend. we expect high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. that's comfortable in the afternoon especially with the low humidity. we just have a few clouds this morning but all those clearing out to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. much of the seven day looks the same. details in the insta weather plus forecast. >> sounds good. >>> mean time, we begin with severe storms that moved through not just our area saturday afternoon but also washington, d.c. and virginia. storm left behind a number of power outages in our viewing area. around 21,000 customers lost power and they are working to restore service. so far crews have restored power to 19,000 customers. at last check, over 1600 remain without
west of town. we will look at that. the last crop of summer. ocean city, 85 degrees. it was more crowded this morning. the high at the airport -- right now it is 88. inner harbor, 91. >> we are open through labor day. come on out. we have something for everyone. >> he is the president and general manager of the maryland state fair. officials hope to make up with big crowds this labor day weekend. there is something for everyone. one maryland staple drew quite a crowd today. can the international set up to break the record for the world's largest crab cake. it took 200 pounds of crab meat, eggs, seasoning. more than nine hours to cook. it was broken up and made into individual sandwiches. proceeds benefit the maryland 48 program. -- 4-h program. >> it was exciting. we saw it cooking. the lead,. it was great fun. >> the crab cake wait 305 pounds. it crossed the previous record of 253. -- ou're 11 and so whether your 11 weather. >> ran will be in the forecast. -- rain will be in the forecast. how were, carroll county. a line of thunderstorms moving to the south east. producing light
still left along the lower eastern shore including rain right now in ocean city, but it has cleared out as you look across southern maryland, baltimore, even in the western start of the state. this is all changing now as we get throughout the day. that front is heading off shore. we are looking for beautiful conditions. currently around 60 degrees. we're moving for high temperatures up near 80. you're gonna wake up to clouds and a few showers across the lower eastern shore. and cooling skies, winds out of the northwest today around 7 to 12 miles per hour. loving this dryer air. it's going to be a lot cooler into the coming night. we'll have details in just a few minutes. >>> we begin with storms that moved through, not just our area, but all in washington, d.c. and virginia. >> the storms left behind a number of power outages in our viewing area. around 15,000 customers lost power. they are working to restore service. so far crews have restored power to over 14,000 customers. at last check, over 600 remain without power this morning. >>> take a look at this picture. a water spout on the
towns. ocean city officials expect 250 to 285,000 people to pack the resort town this holiday weekend. earlier today on fox 5 news at 5:00 we spoke with ocean city mayor rick mehan via skype. he said advertising has helped bring in even more tourists to beach town this summer. >> we really reached out not just to our region of baltimore and washington, but above that on into new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. we're seeing a lot of people from other areas come. once they come one time, they come back. >> last weekend more than 267,000 people visited ocean city. town officials say nearly 4 million tourists have visited oc since memorial day. >> i want you guys to know i spend a lot of time in ocean city and let me tell you, you don't have to advertise in pennsylvania. they won't stop coming. it's all pennsylvania. >> you're saying ronnie has been work doing hard dragging everybody out to ocean city? >> it's a good campaign, though. they did a good job. >> i bet his back hurts at this point, 267,000 people. >> a lot of folks wonder how the beaches are looking. >> tomorrow is the best. s
more summer left in the season out into the chesapeake bay area. ocean city, and local summer now? you see a few guys out there kind of soaking up some sunshine. it is a beautiful day in ocean city a mixture of sunshine and clouds now. we're at 80 degrees at bwi. 49% humidity. the dew point at 59 degrees. there is a little moisture out there and there could be shots, and we're really not headlining that. we're headlining more of a breeze going into tomorrow afternoon. the warmer spot, 84 in frederick right now. d.c. checking in at 81 degrees and the winds are calm now and that will start to change after midnight. notice the clouds starting to stream in. and deep creek, and so we keep the clouds in the forecast for your hour by hour. 8:00, 74 degrees. we'll wake up to around 60 and a beautiful afternoon tomorrow a blend of sunshine and clouds. 74 degrees. and let's talk about the radar. it is clear overhead. pittsburgh, our radar network is showing scattered showers. most of our activity is well to the north. maybe a passing shower up in northern carroll county, baltimore county, maybe
at nine miles an hour. about 1300 miles south and east of ocean city and it'll start to enhance the wave action along the maryland and delaware shorelines into later this week. look at this track. not moving much. through the course of the next three to five-days, by friday it's only moved about 200 miles north and west. wewill watch it but going to bring rough seas and again the threat of rip currents. 71 for the rest of the over night. spotty showers and trenching downpours further south and west. 82 tomorrow. scattered showers and storms, seven day forecast. change it to the seven day. just real humid over the next couple days, 84 on tuesday, scattered showers and storms, wednesday the same and thursday maybe isolated threat with temperature getting to around 88 degrees. we could -- temperatures in to the 80's and more storms by wee >> it's -- just kind of this broken record we will be in all week. >> ocean city great summer. >> yeah. >> 4th of july. >> can't be great every weekend. >> we will take to you iowa now. air show that just took a deadly turn and caught on camera. peop
at 62 degrees, ocean city a big storm on the way for you, show you that on the radar and hagerstown, 58 to 59. again 58 degrees ocean city more foam. still hanging on to the 70s. we have that in the planner showing you the clouds waking up at 57 but the sunshine comes back out around lunchtime. in to the 70s for a good portion of the afternoon and i think the two degree guarantee only to 72 degrees. that is going to be a refreshing feel. this is not falling on the ground but we are seeing rain over the eastern shore and easton you are seeing a good amount of rain crossing through preston and then you go toward snow hill, seeing heavy rains and there is embedded lightning. be aware ocean city going to get drilled with some of the heavy rain and some lightning affecting, you notice lightning tracker picking up on some of that. now the dry air is back out to buffalo, pittsburgh, readings in to the upper 40s. that's on top of us for the day tomorrow. you have a good-looking real estate over the high high valley and that will lock in sunday to be nice. look what's going on over central texas
there. >> clear skies here. some rain off to the southwest is getting closer. the view from ocean city, a few scattered clouds. 57 in ocean city. 53 at >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:44. another violent weekend in baltimore city with four shootings, one of them deadly. one victim is in stable condition. another gunshot victim walked into a hospital just before 2:00 a.m. on sunday. that victim is listed in serious condition. another man was shot during a bar fight on south pulaski street. no word as to who shot and killed a man in southwest baltimore. a man was shot multiple times near coventry road. anyone with any information should call police. police are hoping you can help find a missing 9-year-old boy. he left his home on saturday afternoon at about 2:30 and has not been seen since. he is about 4 feet 11 inches tall and was wearing blue jeans and black tennis shoes when he left his home. anyone with information is asked to call 911. >> a boarding house has some serious conditions that were found unhealthy and unsafe. the i-team will go inside one of those developments. we'll
in western maryland dropped into the 30's in some areas around here are down to the low 40's. ocean city, a cool 44 degrees this morning. some spots right here on the water like the naval academy in annapolis, 54. cambridge likewise at 56. in western maryland, frosty in some spots. officially at bwi marshall this morning it was below normal. 51 degrees to start the day at the airport. the average is 54. it ended up at just 68 in the afternoon, with the normal high of 75 degrees. 67 in rock hall right now, western maryland has been spending a whole day and that 50's. after that warning temperature, is currently 64 on the boardwalk at ocean city. beautiful, clear skies, sunsets at 7:00. from here on out, the sun will be setting before 7:00 p.m. as the days are getting shorter now. high pressure moving through tomorrow with another picture perfect fall day. get outside and soak up that son tomorrow and enjoy it. a beautiful day with temperatures just about normal for this time of year. some spotty showers tomorrow night, but of but it -- but a better chance later in the day on wednesday. we
showers around ocean city. should be a great day. current conditions out at the airport, it is 54 degrees. dewpoint relatively low at 45, humidly 72%. winds out of the west/northwest at five miles per hour. barometer holding steady at 30.30. and down at the inner harbor, they're looking at about 60 degrees under clear skies. we're clear for the next several days and cool. tell you all about it in the weather plus forecast coming up. >>> our big story this morning is a follow-up to the perry hall high school shooting that happened on the first day of school. daniel bowery is now out of the hospital and yesterday at a fund-raiser for his family to pay for his medical bill, daniel showed up and showed signs of recovery. we have more. >> a thumbs up from daniel bowery in his first outing since leaving the hospital. the 17-year-old, who was the only student hit during a school shooting at perry hall high last month was cleared by doctors to attend a fund-raiser for his family on the bay saturday. >> anybody else would whine and complain and why me and this, that, everything el. all daniel's do
at ocean city. a nice view of the city. scattered clouds. the cool front has passed across ocean city, moved out to sea so temperatures are settling in. 65 at b.w.i. and at ocean city, as well. 50% humidity, 30.22, barometer rising. the upshot is it's going to keep the temperatures cool. we were in the 80's for a couple of days this past week for highs. pull a few degrees away if that because of the effect of the front and north winds. annapolis down to 68. easton, 65. we mentioned readings in the 60's in ocean city. 58 at parkton, westminster 61. 40's earlier at oakland, now it's 50 degrees. 60's in the lighter green shades, norfolks down around 72. the blue indicates spots in the 40's, especially in the great lakes, so that's the cooler air filtering in behind the front. the front is evident with the band of cloud, mostly moved offshore. the rainy part was in pennsylvania and new york state and new england so there wasn't much moisture with this front, cut to the south. the front's out to sea and we are under the influence of high pressure and there's two days worth of good air here
down south in maryland and ocean city, 75 degrees. currently, this system here in southern virginia, northern north carolina, bringing us spread out cloud cover throughout the area that will continue on and off throughout the day but all that precipitation should stay to the south of us because of this high sitting over pennsylvania and once that washes out, we will be watching more stuff in texas. this next system, unfortunately, this one will probably nab us because once the high pressure moves out, the low will move over us and bring us unfortunately a saturating rain on tuesday. here's the cloud cover moving through the rest of the day. clear to partly cloudy skies through monday. then into monday afternoon and evening, clouds build, then we head into tuesday and rain moves in. you can see this well defined front that will move through the greater baltimore area, most of maryland, actually, and with that, we could see lightning strikes here and there as well as thunder. we will watch out for severe weather. i don't think this will spawn tornadoes but you never know with these mi
're starting you off with a live view of ocean city from the grand hotel and spa. you can see there are a few beach goers out there on the sand. also some people walking the boardwalk. it's beautiful with a lot of sunshine in ocean city. just a little chilly out tlp 61 at the airport there. 58 at baltimore's airport where the humidity is at 75%. right now the winds are mostly calm. so after starting off the day in mainly the 50s and a few 40s out there, we're at least starting to warm things up. let's look at the radar real quick. this is what we're watching for. leftover disturbance still affecting the northeast. this was the storm that moved through last week and still hanging on. that's what's producing a couple showers through pennsylvania, upstate new york. more rain tracking into new england as well. we're just gonna get clipped by the southern edge of this. it's not too much rain. it keeps the potential as we get into the afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures. little chilly out there. to be expected as it is the last day of september. october begins tomorrow. hard to believe. th
the day. if you are heading out to ocean city for the last chance to go to the beach, there's a little inspiration. >> weather not the best but it's the beachp you know what i am saying? -- beach. you know what i am saying? we are going to have the clouds hovering and showers out there. this morning, temperatures held up a bit because we have the clouds and we could get thunderstorms in here as well. and as we head through the rest of labor day, this is what we are looking at right now. temperatures in ijamsville around 72. pylesville more of the same. 75 in shady side and we are dealing with an eastern wind and that's basically what's going to keep us on the unsettled side for today as well. we can see about 5 miles an hour btimore also dc and york and hagerston but that's going to be the -- hagerstown but that's going to be the direction and that's the direction that keeps you unsettled and in the clouds and that's when we are seeing this morning. that's what we will see as we go into the afternoon. satellite and radar picking up on that. we are tracking the tropics and we do have tr
their way in and out of the river. how about ocean city today? the beach weekends, we got a few of them left, shoulder city kicking in. still technically summer on the calendar. right now look at the air temps, 81ed frederick and 73 in cam springs. the humidity ridge, there's two of them. ocean city and ridgeman, the super sticky air, we are in moderate humidity now. dryer air edging in towards northern ohio and the pittsburgh area. that dryer air, believe me, it is set to blow in here in a big way. it will feel good sunday, monday and right into the middle of next week. first we got to get through tonight and especially tomorrow night. if you look on the far edge of the screen, see the storms in northern ohio. that is what we are watching for tomorrow. we start off fine. early sunshine. there will be showers towards the beaches potentially coming in off of the water. this is walking to western maryland at 2:00. then as we push towards 6:00 and dinner time and towards the oriole games that line will be approaching. the most intense should remain in pennsylvania north and new england. some of
at the other rain falls. fredericksburg, earlier, there flood watches out. this is ocean city. great picture sentence -- overthere was only two inches of rain. right now, there is nothing around us. still showers. the is the leading edge of changes to come. as we get on into saturday. down into north carolina, there showers and thundershowers were a little bit of meteorology enter the decision making process in and around us. g on right now. earlier today, out notion city, two inches of rain. nearby, our entry -- alexandra, quarter of an inch of rain. that is the one that is really a hurricane. .two hurricane if you are heading out for the of that may be showing up in the north carolina and outer banks and to ocean city in the next couple of days. the dew points, that helped -- tells the story. is the indianapolis critics minneapolis -- minneapolis. tomorrow morning, when you get out, temperatures will be in the '80s. -- a.p.'s. into saturday afternoon, -- 80's. saturday on to afternoon, much more .omfortable patchy fog tomorrow as you go out and had to school. -- head to school. temperature
, it is. in fact, just to the southwest of ocean city, little thunderstorm cell and other showers west of that. and the stronger storms are out west, west of western maryland. just passing through wheeling, west virginia, now, and moving into pittsburgh, a line arch little squall line with some thunder. little bit on the intense side. it's what's left of some pretty good storms that moved through indiana and ohio yesterday. so this line is expected to kind of penetrate a little bit and redevelop and come in this afternoon and this evening. all running out ahead of a cold front which is going to dramatically change our weekend weather in more ways than one. we'll talk about that in a minute. let's look at the current conditions outside right now. 74 at bwi marshall. warm morning with clouds. it's still on the humid side. 91% the humidity. dew point 7 1sh light southwest wind at 29.78. barometric pressure downtown at the science center now, the temperature a little warmer at 77. the humidity still up with that dew point high at 71 degrees. 75 in ocean city. that thunderstorm activity aro
's the flooding conditions at ocean city. now it's moving off shore. in the meantime back across the baltimore area, all eyes on camden yards, the yankees come in. we dedicate the statue and looks like conditions will hold up well weather wise. it'll be dam many from the rain we had earlier in the city but in terms of new rain, even a few isolated showers. they have fizzled out. that is very good news for fans downtown. annapolis today was a cloudy weather situation which not much sun until late in the day. there were showers, on and off across the area. no question about that statewide. there are some little late day clearing. in ocean city one of the last places to clear, now we are seeing blue skies, breakthrough at the beach here to end the day. take a look at the rainfall totals across the central part of the state. about a tenth of an inch, annapolis just under a tenth of an inch. federals bug getting nearly six tenths of an inch, more than a half inch there and totals higher toward the beaches, look at some of the temperatures, low 80s and upper 70's but with the humidity it does feel w
such as and even ocean city has their own restaurant week. instead of being forced to rush, find time during that one week to go and take advantage of the opportunity, this is a month-long event, so diners can go out whenever it is convenient for them. we know september is a very busy month for a lot of people so we are giving options. restaurants give lots of different options to didn't people and it is a month-long, go when you can, take advantage of the savings when you can ch having a 20% discount instead of a set menu, it allows a whole host of different restaurants to participate. >> and choices as well. >> exactly. >> tell me about you're partnered with share our strength. what is that about? >> the restaurant association the dine out maryland program will go out for the campaign that is designed to help end childhood hunger in the state of maryland so when diners eat out at the participating restaurants they will be encouraged to donate upwards of a dollar or more to help end hunger in the state of maryland. it is another way we really want to encourage the diners to grab friends and
and the 1-95 corridor between 3:00 at 4:00. in moving off the coast by the ocean city by 7:30. the little line of showers telling this is scattered light rain showers. this is the actual cool front. once this passes us, the skies will begin to clear. and the summer weather will filter in behind that front throgough the rest of the week. these orange dots indicative of 3-4 inches of rain. a lot of that came down a couple -- in a couple of hours. it calls flooding especially in low areas. these green areas with the little yellow mixed in, a solid ches.- 2 in it caused localized flooding and there's still flood warnings in those heavy rainfall areas in frederick county, northwest and, carol, baltimore and anne arundel county. the water will take a while to drain. use caution if we have to drive early tonight or tomorrow morning. 6 tenths of an inch is all that the rain gauge at bwi. 79 degrees today. the average is 77. tomorrow is a different story. the cold front tritium the storms about to move through. already 38 degrees in western maryland, oakland. colder up to the north of us. that fal
national. that's the coolest temperature there since way last may. look at ocean city. they're down to a chilly 53. elkins, west virginia at 39 degrees. closer to washington it's in the 40s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. chilly and calm. lots of sun the rest of the day with highs reaching the mid 70s by afternoon. i'll be back in ten minutes. now a look at our traffic. >> still seeing traffic. let's head to arlington boulevard. at one point just one lane was getting by. i did see some delays, but it looks like that work zone is just about wrapped up. let's head to the beltway at van dohrn. you can see the taillights to the right of the screen. that is the inner loop at van dorn. the cones are still blocking the left lanes. it's not bad, though. the right lanes are open and you're getting by just fine. also good news on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway as you approach kennel worth avenue. just had one lane getting by and it was pretty slow, but right now all your travel lanes are open. i'm back in ten with another look at traffic. >>> a major s
to 60 degrees this afternoon. easton, hot spot 82 degrees. ocean city 76. 78 down at packs river. mild afternoon, that's it for the 80-degree temperatures at least for the next 48 perhaps 72 hours as we will see cooler air coming in to play. dew point numbers have also been knocked down. you notice more humid back over the eastern shore, dew point numbers in to the 60s. you could see rain showers around from easton, towards the eastern shoreline. high-definition satellite showing the clouds in place through the course of the evening. planner reflects the clouds that will stay with us. 71 through the course of the evening. chance of a spotty shower. nice wake up, 57 degrees, on our way to the low 70s. the weekend overall looking good. here is maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we are seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms, we have been watching arundel, through pg county, seeing the spot showers, annapolis, you could stand to see a few scattered showers. bigger storms down over virginia. mouth of the chesapeake, towards virginia beach, severe warnings that will cross over in t
the area, numbers on the board, show you 74 as mentioned, 73 easton. ocean city, 75 degrees. look at oakland down to 52 degrees at the present hour. humidity levels are starting to fall. the drier air off the mountains will allow for the values to come down. 79 degrees today. normally should be around 73. another day of above average temperatures. the record or the record back in 1886, 91 degrees, that is outstandable for another year. in terms of what to ex-tect. it expect. hour by hour, 71 degrees through the 8:00 hour. as the o's play on and hopefully win for tonight, they will win, 65 degrees as we wrap up the game and waking up tonight, 57. 72 tomorrow. back to near average standards. clear overhead. you notice the storms back down towards the south. south of dc, one lone shower trying to fire up over southern arundel county. not a big deal. notice there is a line of storms raight around the mouth of the chesapeake northern virginia. this will cross little too close for comfort in ocean city. lightning out of this. our weather for the weekend sets up back towards the west, n
of interest. that is the latest from the scene. >> thank you. we are also monitoring a fire in ocean city that is still not under control. officials say the fire severely damaged one building on the north side of the bradley on the bay condo complex located in the 3700 block of coastal highway in ocean city. as many as 18 units were damaged. no reports of any injuries. here are some pictures of the fire. when you see breaking news, send your pictures and videos to u local. police are investigating the discovery of a body about 7:00 tonight near boston and leakin streets in the inner harbor. detectives have been assigned to the case and are calling the death suspicious. >> the formation of a need to the group at tulsa university has -- is raising questions about racial equality. students of both sides of the issues got to sound off a student government hearing about the formation of a white student union. some ask for clarification questions. others denounced it completely. organizers say it will be an advocacy group, source of pride and a safe haven for white students to a been discrimina
but not raining all weekend long. the beach in ocean city, looks nice and dry. a lot of folks coming out along the boardwalk, setting up on the along the tide line. very nice. currently this morning, 79 here in town. along the boardwalk, 77 degrees, 69% humidity. 30.05, the barometer, rising the past few hours and west winds at 6 miles an hour. a sampling of some of the other temperatures around the area, easton with 79 and ocean city just updated, up to 82 now. 81, edgewood, 75, parkton. still in the 60's in western maryland with showers this morning and persistently cloudier there and in the mountains out west, a higher rain chance today than we will see in our area. the rain chance is coming from a front that's stalled across the north right now, trying to move south and it will during the day today so there's a chance for shower activity. it will stall in virginia so it's not really leaving but will be with us all weekend long. this moisture is not really related to the moisture yet anyway from what's left of isaac which is out in missouri. rains in illinois, back into iowa, down around ka
78 in ocean city. baltimore, 79 for the high. few showers possible in the mountains. everyone else, dry wea >>> stephanie, thanks. everyone probably remembers where they were 17 years ago when the verdict of the o.j. simpson case was announced. now, one of the prosecutors in the case is casting doubt on a key piece of evidence. diana has more from los angeles. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: the phrase that defined trial of the century. the l.a. jury bought the argument after they watched o.j. simpson try on a pair of bloody gloves, which barely made on his hands, prosecutors say he wore the night he murdered his ex-wife and ronald goldman back in 1994. now a bombshell accusation by assistant prosecutor. >> what i think happened is the defense manipulated that glove so it did not appear to look as if it fit. >> reporter: during a panel discussion last week at new york's pace law school, christopher darden claimed defense attorney johnnie cochran was the culprit. >> i think johnnie tore the lining, there were additional tears in the lining so o.j.'s fingers could
. bit of thunder in new jersey, ocean city had a little thunderstorm earlier today. we do have a lot of clouds. little gray out there right now. west of us, coming into garrett county and in western pennsylvania. some decaying thunderstorms. they were a lot stronger just an hour ago. it's all running out ahead of a very strong cold front that will bring us some strong storms later today. i'll detail all that coming up in your weather plus forecast. >>> our big story this morning. remembering art modell, the original owner of the baltimore ravens who passed away thursday. >> this week the morning will hold a silent public tribute. that's where our 11 news reporter joins us live with more. good morning. >> good morning, rob. welsh starting at 11:00 this morning, fans will have an opportunity to say good-bye to the man who brought football back to baltimore. some fans have already started to show up here at m&t bank stadium. we're joined by john. john came out from aberdeen. john, why did you decide to come out and pay your respects this morning? >> well, mr. modell did a lot for this c
a couple lingers clouds around ocean city. they were dealing with fog that has since lifted or is in the process of lifting right now. all of that cloud cover due to this front right here which passed through our area and brought us rain which we could use. we're still in a drought. 6.5 inches according to the numbers. cool weather. this well designed trough here is really bringing some cool temperatures to our area. will bring cool temperatures to our area this evening. and will bring cool temperatures to much of the midwest and portions of the northeast. showing this temperature all morning. fargo, north dakota, where still is the this hour is 26 degrees. you can see the chunk of cool air making its way here. i think our lows tonight for the game will be in the low 50s to high 40s. that's right. it's here. your forecast for today though looks nice. 70 to 73. mostly sunny, breezy. watch out for the wind gusts on 20 miles per hour. northwest winds. otherwise five to ten miles per hour. because of the winds thursday small craft advisory on the bay today. just keep an eye out
-moving and not a direct threat. the heavy storms by ocean city have moved off the coast in the past couple of hours. the torrential downpours have left the coast and moved out over the open water. checking the total amount of precipitation on the lower eastern shore, in the past 24 hours we have had spots around baltimore where you can work -- where you catch a brief shower. about 0.5 of 1 inch. 3 inches to 5 inches of rain. a real dredging down that way. you can see the impact it had on temperatures. 63 degrees at ocean city right now. we're running into the mid-80's. it is still quite monday. a risk of a shower popping up but it is less than a 20% chance that any one spot gets hit. otherwise it will be partly cloudy and muggy. 73 downtown. 7 -- sunset at 7:29 p.m. this is moving off the coast and another one will slide in. a couple of isolated storms along that front and a third one, the stronger one over the northern plains states behind it. there is a batch of fall-like air. some of that clear will be sweeping south and east in getting here the second half of the weekend. it will take a couple
this morning. i guess fall is very near. 54 at the airport. the warm spot, 61 in annapolis, ocean city at 52 degrees. up in parkton, 54, and edgewood, 56 degrees. looking at some of the temperatures around the region, 54 at the airport but if you look up into western pennsylvania, 42 degrees. 47 degrees, we see. and then on the seaboard, they're in the mid to you were were -- upper 50's. it's going to be pretty nice. 74 to 79 degrees, mostly sunny. there's that key word, nice. unfortunately, good things do come to to end and we will showu why. a little bit of cloud cover but the high pressure sitting over pennsylvania will keep precipitation to the south of us, to the south of us throughout the day. however, we have to worry about this system in texas that's going to ride along this front here and move into our area late monday, into tuesday, and unfortunately, we will see some pretty heavy rains associated with this, definitely on tuesday, possibly heading into late monday. future cast will show you how this unwind. cloudy to clear continues throughout today into tomorrow, clouds build to t
. this is a live look at ocean city. you can see the sun is starting to come up. 52 degrees at the beach. we're looking for mild conditions. 67 in rigidly. you hardly need a jacket as he stepped out stores today. that will change as we get into next week. i do want to show you the dew point temperatures. mid 60's around baltimore. a little bit dryer in frostburg and oakland. drier air will move in with a cold front. we are looking for warm conditions across the state. 90 degrees around d.c. and baltimore. expect a lot of sunshine today. you may see an isolated shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. a cold front will approach on saturday night. those ties in baltimore in the upper 80's to the low 90's -- those highs in baltimore. we had a couple of the showers are ready. one cold front is heading our way. that could cause isolated activity later today. a cold front back across the plains. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. the best chances for the storms are coming late saturday into saturday night. we could see some thunderstorms. they could be on the strong side. we expect temperatures to d
night, clearing the ocean city in the pre-dawn hours. the skies should clear up throughout the day wednesday and thursday into the night with a lot of sunshine. said, much needed rain tomorrow. -- so, much-needed rain tomorrow. sun going down at 7:00 on nine on tuesday evening. getting close to 35, 40 mile per hour winds. we have that 4-foot chop on the open waters. rough day on the bay tomorrow. there may be a gale warning. use a lot of caution if you were out on the chesapeake tomorrow. wednesday's high temperatures average 55 degrees. feeling cooler with a brisk west-northwest wind. heavy downpours tomorrow and the rain may linger into the early morning hours on the eastern shore and lower eastern shore toward delaware. ocean city is a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. 80 degrees. 75 with showers in the morning on wednesday. insta-weather plus seven-day forecast -- tomorrow is a wet day. it clears up nicely on wednesday. although it will be very breezy. another cold front in the afternoon or evening on saturday. it uses temperatures below normal early next week. >> i guess the
so far. >> firefighters still on the scene of a fire in ocean city. the fire consumed multiple units. this happened just before 6:00 p.m. last night. it was put under control just around midnight. when you see breaking news, send your pictures and videos to the u local section of >> the parents of a teenager are furious after their daughter was sexually assaulted. parents say the attack came from an older male student tuesday morning on the grounds of the dulaney valley high school. they said their daughter consented but only because she was afraid of what happened if she did not. >> she is not of the presence of mind to give legal consent. >> no charges have been filed. there's not an age difference between suspect and victim that would make it a crime. the investigation is ongoing. we're still a few weeks away from election day but millions of americans already casting their votes. hallie jackson has more in this report. >> experts say more and more people have been casting ballots before november. >> i need you to start voting six days from now on october 2. >> the oba
downtown. 81 in frederick, 80 in college park, 77 in salzburg and 72 and ocean city. tonight in baltimore, we will stay east of all that activity. milder temperatures than we have seen for the past two nights. sun set at seven:04. -- 7:04. tomorrow afternoon, fall air. chicago is only in the 50's. there will be a significant have to change as the front moves through. we start off tomorrow with clouds. through a around 8:00 in the evening there will be a line of scattered showers and you might hear a rumble of thunder before a purchase of the eastern seaboard late tomorrow night. by sunday, high-pressure filling back in. mainly sunny skies. it is going to be breezy but cool and feeling like fall as the new season arrives right on cue. tomorrow, 80-85. we are going to hold onto summer right to the last minute. 10:49 a.m. is the official start of fall. keep an eye on this guy if you're out tomorrow. there is the possibility of 3 foot waves in the day in the afternoon and evening. this evening, cool for sure. 60's tomorrow, low-50's on sunday. there is moisture coming off the great lakes that
, frederick 59 degrees. down in ocean city, 57. 63 degrees. your forecast today. looks pretty warm though. this might be one of the last really warm days we've seen in awhile. 82 to 86 under partly cloudy skies. mild as the front moves through. we'll get a 40% chance of showers and possibly a rumble of thunder into the evening hours. our current weather shows clear conditions. not a cloud in the sky right now. that will change as the afternoon moves on. and here is why. this little system up here over in western pennsylvania will make its way through as the day progresses. the southwest winds will help keep this front, the low i should say, the surface low torque the north of us so that front could break up as it moves across the mountains. nevertheless, it will still give us about a 40% chance of rain as the day moves on. and there's a bunch of cool, cool air behind this. so that's gonna really change things as we head into monday and tuesday. especially monday evening for the ravens game. future cast shows how this all breaks down. the clouds move through this evening. then it clears up
. they have had two days of heavy rain. and this comes to us from the times. massive flooding at ocean city. and this was yesterday. now here are the deals for you. yesterday, heavy rains fell and actually collapsed the roof of the carriage house. no injuries, but that's how much rain they have been having on the eastern shores which is good and bad in the severe draught, which will help a little bit alleviate that. we'll show you the last batch of the showers and storms. ocean city, everybody got hammered. most of the showers are now offshore. as far as we are are concerned, just an isolated storm. one is kind of dying out on the east side of 270 over towards albany with a couple more storms near cumberland which is about it. we'll be in pretty good shape for the game tonight, and the youngsters are in town for the o's. 84 in manassas. not too bad, though it is some kind of humid. we'll come back and tell you what it means to your humidity and your weekend forecast. >>> well a hoax is being blamed for a disturbance on board u.s. air ways flight. they had been on the air for about 30 minute
there are a few showers south of ocean city. that's about it. everything else is gone off shore. speaking of ocean city, let's take a look at the boardwalk. earlier this morning, the boardwalk kind of wet. you see a few puddles there. the clouds are breaking a little bit. beep is pretty quiet. people walking along the boardwalk. 60s temperatures down in ocean city. here in town, a little cooler. little more distant future. 55 at the airport. inner harbor checks in with 61 degrees. 83%, the humidity, barometer and the west wind at three miles an hour. wind will be more of a west to northwest today bringing in some cooler, less humid air. the brighter green shades, you can find in the south. the darker green shades, upper 50s, primarily for highs here. 55, 51, 50. primarily the blue shades, oakland down to 41. that's that cooler air coming in. still a few scattered clouds around. down in the carolinas. there's a front. moved to finally move to the south and east of us. stalled across pennsylvania for a couple days which is why we had that lingering rain chance. making a little progress. that will al
wednesday night into thursday morning in the 30's. fall officially begins at 10:49 saturday morning. ocean city will have to hold onto some rain chances right until about lunchtime wednesday, and then it will clear up in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, once the front it's out of here, we have nice weather. -- gets out of here, we have nice weather. it feels like all. that is the first day of fall on sunday. high of 71. >> this is 11 sports. >> i think we have clearly established a place where the refs stumped in philadelphia. but if you still lose when your head, you have to look in the mirror. there were seven turnovers in philadelphia. you cannot blame the refs for that. safety, future first quarter. ravens quarterback joe flaco two times. still, the ravens had control after this -- control of this game after joe flaco and jacoby jones. then in the first possession of the third quarter, joe flaco with a bad decision that set the tone for the second half. see that? jones in the end zone. gave the refs plenty of bargaining power. it did into the game. led an 80-yard drive. sure, you can
think you would probably have more fun here at a movie theater as opposed to one in ocean city. >> i think you're possibly right. arch campbell just the man to tell us whether we should or shouldn't see some of the movies coming out. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas
. ocean city, 73. dew point temperatures have dropped into the 40's as well. for today and even into the nighttime hours. if you plan to go to the reagans came, lookit that. we are expecting pleasant conditions at 7:00 p.m. starting off at in the low 70's to the upper 60's. by the end of the game, if you plan to add to the stadium, grab a jacket. you may need it towards the end, especially tonight. maybe even some upper 40's for the low temperature. it is the type of gear that is surprising when we walked out. beautiful weather and the sunshine eased every day. >> thank you. the post convention push is under way. president obama is hoping to ride momentum on the campaign trail, but mitt romney's camp is claiming its own uptick. holley jackson has the story. >> it was not just as a burly pizza shop owner giving the president a lift -- literally. the president also got a leg up this weekend in several polls showing that he pulled ahead of his gop challenger by as many as five percentage points. but romney is hoping to close the gap and talking up more popular parts of the health-c
temperatures made up to 84, right on target for this time of year. 72 degrees in the ocean city. 0.6 inches of rain since early this morning. speak of downtown at george washington university. about a quarter of an inch so . r 77 at winchester. 83 in fredericksburg. cooler temperatures in indianapolis at 75 degrees. left of isre what is it remains. way over theg our next couple of days. you can see that's been in the toward themoving east. arrived courtesy of a federal system that will lift and a warm front that n during the day tomorrow. unsettled weather on the way, looking at doppler radar -- had maryland. we have a storm developing the board at west there. you will see this over the next 15 to 20 minutes. a lighter showers into northeast d.c.. it's not going to amount to a lot. we could be looking at a similar situation later on tonight. pockets of heavy rain. here is the future cast -- highs struggling to make it to 80 degrees. showers and thunderstorms around into wednesday. by midday thursday, the skies be clear. here is the forecast for the overnight -- patchy fog during the early m
in the upper 70s. ocean city camera seems not to be there. 80 degrees. the current condition right now and humidity around 74% as we check out the weave. thehe last place to clear. humidity ridge over the midatlantic. muggy, fog a possibility by daybreak despite the rain clearing out. i think we are clear from the rain. tomorrow the chance for a stray shower. the better chance of rain late day saturday. frontal boundary to the west. squeeze play, saturday afternoon and night. plans for the game here. be advised there could be issues with rain delays and active weather patterns, leftover of isaac still redeveloping possibly and nadine double hurricanes in the atlantic. power house -- with the well defined eye. this is hurricane michael and of course hurricane leslie still out there churning to. not posing a big threat as now. i think we are up to 90, just a stray shower in the mix. weekend relatively dry friday, dry saturday saturday but saturday afternoon. sunday afternoon good, into monday, ravens game day, it'll feel like fall and like football for the men in black and purple. >> th
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nicer sunday. if you are heading to the coast, ocean city, 90 tomorrow. it will turn very nice, although on the breezy side on sunday. 86 tomorrow, but only 80 and less humid on sunday. beautiful weather on monday. windy ravens kickoff, temperatures for should be ideal for monday evening. lows in the 50's. >> the sports center -- this is 11 sports. >> we are live at camden yards. it has been a season of pleasant surprises, one after another for the orioles'. many of the is we may not see again at camden yards. a packed house of orioles fans watching the orioles beat the yankees. with jason back on the mound, his first start in seven weeks. he pitched well. his teammate struggle a bit. it does not hurt when your teammates can pick you up like they did. the bottom of the eighth, the yankees tied up. gone instantly. a couple batters later, we have mark. 8 home runs in the last seven games. for good measure, chris davis during the party as well. he hit one out onto the flag court. tied for first with the yankees. now the challenge tonight -- avoid the hanover. -- handover. >> it gives you en
west. the skies will clear. we have had heavy rains. the ocean city, 1.63 inches of rain. combined with high tide, this is what happens. some blow flooding. with chances of more rain. we will tell you it's coming after that. >> d.c. health officials are confirming the first death from the west now virus. the victim was an elderly man from northeast washington. authorities say an older woman has been hospitalized with west nile. maryland health officials reported state's first death from the virus which took place last week. no deaths have been reportedly virginia. >> tonight, the sports world mourns the loss of art modell who died on wednesday at the age of 87. we have more on the life of one of the most important figures in the history of the nfl. >> he did have a lot of influence. the nfl commissioner gave him credit for helping the nfl become a popular sport is today, praising him for realizing how important it is to get more football on television decades ago. there are others, especially in ohio, that lost respect for him about 16 years ago. >> he brought the bal
are comfortable. same thing at ocean city. cool at night and sunny and mild during the day. spectacular late summer weather. two storms that we're tracking, hurricane michael and leslie. those are continuing to move north. this could be tropical storm nadine. high pressure produces clear skies and sundays. >> this is 11 sports. >> the wait finally ends for the ravens as they get to kick off tonight. against their rivals, the cincinnati bengals and the ravens are looking to begin with the help will be a fifth consecutive season. they beat the bengals and locked up the home field advantage. their first-ever monday night football game at home under the head coach. we will see an offense that looks different than it did a year ago. in two games, rice ran for 295 had touchdowns of 71 and 51 yards. they have stretched out the offense. joe flacco during the ball more than last season. we expect a season huddle. we hope to see them get out against the bengals. >> we hope for fast start. that is one of the expectations. in mcateer 1's mind we want to be a great team that can finish. those are the exp
is the possibility for the next two days. the eastern shore, summertime heat and humidity. ocean city, showers and storms and temperatures in the low- 80's. rain chances are also higher. typically during the hurricane season, if you look at the most active time, we are getting there. right around september is usually the most active time in the caribbean and the golf and we have to bang storms right now. this is a tropical storm michael, 50 miles an hour. leslie a stronger. 65 miles an hour. expected to become a hurricane. lesley is the more dangerous storm right now. the seven day forecast, 86 tomorrow. 90 thursday and friday. temperatures in the 80's. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> with you where the ravens have an interesting day with their roster. the roster and the day the same way it began but for a while he did not think he would be on the roster. he wrote earlier he thought the ravens were going to really sam as they talked about restructuring his deal. he was due to make $3.2 million this season. the ravens wanted his salary reduced. he confirmed with the website he
is, light showers heading towards a ocean city as well. let's look at what is happening in the tropics first. in the mid-atlantic, the tropics have been very active. we just had isaac and we have our latest systems did michael is a much smaller storm. it is mostly expected to stay out of the secret lesley aches expected to stay out of the east coast but bermuda is and its direct path. we have a tropical storm lesley ann winds at 60 miles per hour. it could strengthen into a category one hurricane. that is bermuda there. notice how it takes attack directly west of bermuda, where it could be a category two hurricane. people tend to travel to permit a this time of year. -- to bermuda this time of year. 82 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 83's rock hall. we are showing a decline temperatures because this makes the difference to the forecast -- the dew point temperatures because this makes the difference to the forecast. you feel the humidity and your hair does not cooperate with the forecast and it feels more uncomfortable out. there is a stationary bouncer just by over us. the
as an inch around baltimore. a little more on the eastern shore and to the southwest. the ocean city forecast just as potentially wet. a 70% chance of storms tonight. the 60% chance monday. 40% chance tuesday. high temperatures on the boardwalk around 80 degrees. the long-term forecast keeps rain in the forecast through thursday. saturday and sunday, rain possibilities again. >> a big weekend for mark reynolds. >> so much going on with toronto and the yankees. mark reynolds did something the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at >> this is 11 sports. >> amazing how expectations have changed in the short time. from 2011 to 2012, it is unbelievable. it is easy to say we should have swept the yankees. the reality is baltimore went on the road trip an
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